10 February 2009

Because breastfeeding is normal....

During a classroom discussion about babies 9 year old Olivia commented "Breastfeeding is rude". Her friend asked "Can't she afford bottles?" when looking at a picture of a woman breastfeeding her baby.

Olivia is a typical Australian child. She sees babies with bottles in the books she reads, on television and out and about in her community. She was breastfed for a few months as was her younger brother, but she doesn't remember. Olivia may not notice women who are breastfeeding as it just looks like they are cuddling their baby. If she does notice, she 'knows' not to look.

And yet breastfeeding is normal. The risks and costs of not breastfeeding- to babies, mothers, society and the environment- are well known by researchers. Where can our children, the future parents, learn this? At school of course! The Australian Breastfeeding Association wants to comprehensively update and expand its schools kit. The plan is to bring it to the internet, to include breastfeeding in many subject areas, and in so doing reach a much wider audience. This important project will cover all areas of the school curriculum, for all ages, for all of Australia.

What a great initiative from a great organisation.

Breastfeeding always seemed the logical choice for me. The Australian Breastfeeding Association provided the know-how and the inspiration to continue to breastfeed and to support others in doing so.

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