17 February 2009

imperfect parenting

My parenting philosophy (in someone else's words of course):

One of the themes of Under Pressure is that there is no single magic recipe for child-rearing and that we should distrust anybody who proffers one. Sure, there are some things that all kids need - space to explore the world without adults constantly scheduling, supervising and assessing them; our time and attention with no conditions attached - but after that the details get blurry. As parents we need to ignore the pressure and panic pushing in on us from all sides in order to work out what suits our children best. And we need to accept that self-doubt and making mistakes are a natural part of parenting. My aim in Under Pressure is to ease the pressure on parents by showing that there is no such thing as a perfect parent raising a perfect child.

Carl Honore, author of Under Pressure, from his weblog entry Telegraph Serialization.

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