12 May 2009

Life outside the box

So I have no proof that these sorts of things may not have happened anyway, with the TV on... But I am conscious of how much TV seems to drain the energy and creativity out of small children.

I know many mums "use" TV to entertain the kids while dinner is being prepared. Ours doesn't get turned on, at all, during the weekday. As I was pottering in the kitchen this afternoon I could sense boredom setting in as the boys were begging me to read a book. I suggested they look at the books themselves until I finished cooking. So there's my big 4 year old "reading" to his little brother about bees and hives and honey and little Mr 2 is getting restless. Then he jumps up and announces "I want some honey for us". Minor panic - don't often offer honey as an afternoon snack! 

So I ask if he would like to pretend to give his brother honey. And off they go. Containers are coming out and the boys are "buzzing" about the house "collecting honey". 

Would they have dragged themselves away from the TV if a similar topic came up?

More TV thoughts later. Just wanted to get this thread going....

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