17 August 2009

A four year old's tale

I have been meaning to try this for some time. I have just scribed my 4 year old's story as it evolved during play. Hard to keep up as I am not a fast typer so there are some gaps. And unfortunately I missed the start of the story. It was so nice to listen - really listen - to his imagination at work, with no editing or input from anyone else.

The story starts aboard Noah's arc. Some of the characters are already on board.

So here it is:

He helped with lots of stuff. He helped he helped with big stuff and little stuff. Where he sat at the front of the ship on the top deck facing away from his wife. The sir, he stood at the back of the ship humming to himself… Also another helper called cripper ripper who fixed the arc and stayed onboard. And also the naughty boys, also knights. One was a king and one was a knight. The knight lived on the train. Well just an engine. He sat on it. Every day his horse went for a ride. He sat alongside the water with the king and looked out to the dock, well he was at the dock, the dock was pretty close to it …..

[Some details about how it was chained up …I couldn't follow this bit very well.]

And then he would not fall off the train.

He found he had a couple more helped who stayed there. And on that ship, safe below, there was a mole from his hole. All sorts of stuff in there. He also had another one who looked a bit like him. Same sort of face nearly because that he was his brother. His name was called Shnoopy. And Shnoopy’s wife was called Moopy. On that ship he had a couple of bulls, brown bulls, and a donkey from the honkey. That dragon was heaviest of them all. And also a couple of rare cows and a horse from the morse and a camel from the hamel and another camel from the hamel and another camel from the hamel and a giraffe from the half and another giraffe from the half and koalas from the baalas and another donkey from the honkey and a bear from its hair another bear from its hair; a couple of roosters from the hoosters; a couple of lions from the hions. Tthese are all the wild stuff and these are all the farm stuff and the wild stuff are up here as well. A girl sheep from the heap. A boy sheep from the peep. A calf from the half of a calf. A couple of rhinoceroses from the poceroses. He had a pig from the hig, another pig from the hig [repeated 4 times]. An elephant from the pelephant [x3]. There we go and the big ship wheels. The big ship steals. Glides away. Only at first and then starts to healk. A little fell out and then safely again. The bad guys could go through the water … the boat was ahead of them guiding on barrels and streams. They got to it when the ship started to wobble. It wobbled out to sea. Noah’s arc was a fine arc it went to go all day … The ship went on watery shadows and streams over the sea to islands where noone has been. And it glided in and the train ship went to dock. Monster is the docker. He got the boat and he docked it. He got it docked. This is how monster docked the boat. He put his head in a special thing then put his tail through one of the windows and keeped it docked as they roared in … Fa fee fa fight they yelled as they jumped aboard. They had to dock their’s and they docked straight onto Noah’s arc and now came to them the king and the knight and that dragon … they started to get their swords ready to destroy it and they started to tear the wood and destroy it with their swords. Monster had an idea. I’ll throw those guys into the bin … And so they were caught. They would not get out. His idea was final helping. They were not coming back ever. “Hooray I’ve saved the ship” yelled monster. “The bad guys I caught them and I’m not gonna tell you how.”

The story goes on. But I was worn out from typing.

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