08 January 2010

The child as a work of art

 Pic compliments of The Lab

In an attempt to maintain the overwhelming love I felt for my newborn children, I am working on a philosophy in my mind. Its not that I don't love them all the time. How could I not?? Its just that when I'm halfway through the grocery shopping and my back is aching due to bubs in the pouch, and the boys are yelling at each other and at me, its hard to maintain perspective.

So here's my philosophy (it needs some work!!).
My children are a work of art, perhaps a collage, or maybe just a scrapbook, that is added to constantly over time to create a beautiful masterpiece. The amazing vision that emerges at birth is just the beginning, the colour-by-numbers painting that has yet to be coloured. They are stunning yes, but their true beauty is yet to be revealed. Each moment of every day, the colours are being added and changed. Some of the colours are added by me. I am not much of an artist though, so I also appreciate how much of this art work is a collaboration; with nature, with my husband, with my extended family, with my friends, with their teachers, with their friends, with the man that walks past with the dog and says hi to the kids, even (unfortunately) with the foul mouthed youth at the train station whose conversation and behaviours are observed by my wee little ones! What a melting pot. The most amazing artwork of all time.

Well - now that its in writing I am not sure how it will help me through the next shopping trip. Maybe it would be easier to leave the kids with someone else and shop alone.

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