02 June 2009

101 things to do on a hot day

To continue on with the anti-tv theme...

Here's what the boys have been up to since the weather warmed up:
  • squirting the plants (ie each other) with spray cans
  • watering the plants (ie each other) with the hose
  • watering the plants (ie each other) with watering cans
  • watching ice melt, and eating it
  • wriggling their toes in the breeze
  • taking all their regular toys outside to play with
  • walking in other people's gardens to admire and discuss
  • helping with our slowly improving garden
  • playing with balls, sticks, bats, nets
  • collecting rocks and sticks 
  • throwing rocks in the water
  • washing their toys (ie each other) outside with soapy water
  • hiding in makeshift tents in the backyard
  • eating outside
  • parks
  • forests
Ok... so its not 101. But you get the idea. And did I mention I'm too pregnant. So most of this has been while I lie on the couch wondering if I should really be out there supervising! There really is no time in summer for the tv. 

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