03 June 2009

Nature and string

On a recent holiday I picked up a large box of "craft stuff" from a garage sale for just $5. An amazing assortment of goodies which was just as fun to unpack as it has been to start using! Including a big bag of half used balls of wool.

So we just filled up a morning with pine cones, sticks and wool. 

It started off as a craft project compliments of Quince and Quire. Lovely scraps of wool wrapped around pine cones. And my big 4 yr old extended that to decorating sticks.

But little 2, being 2, got a bit distracted from the task at hand. And before too long we had a great game of fishing for wool (all you need is a stick and a box of wool scraps - who would have thought). Then of course we decorated ourselves with woolen wigs, woolen bracelets and lots of wool all over the room. 

What fun! And the best bit was the novelty of brooms and vacuum cleaners has not worn off. So the cleaning up was easy!

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