27 June 2009

life with three

Yes. It is different. Life with three children.

To be fair, I've only experienced three weeks and two days of this new world. But as I sit here typing with one hand, enjoying a moment of peace, as bub-in-arms is not screaming and the boys are out in the yard with Dadda, the chaos speaks for itself.

I should start with the positives; as a value statement they far outweigh any struggles we are having. There's a LOT of love in the house. Ok. There always was. But now when the boys (and the adults) list the people they love, the list goes for longer. And it is genuine. Right from the start. They fell in love with their new sister the same way we did. Well she is adorable so that's totally understandable. There's also a lot more cuddles. My arms are never empty. Everyone is wanting more cuddles. Including our new little angel.

It's been very educational too. Now that we've moved beyond pregnancy and birth conversations. We are deep in the whys and how's of breastfeeding and body parts. Why does Auntie need breasts when she has no babies to feed? Why does Grandma need a bra when she has no babies to feed? I thought only grown up girls had no penis. Oh to be inside a four year old's mind.

The teddies are getting a new sort of love as well. They are being "fed from my tummy" up the shirt of our little two year old. They are being carried in slings and pouches. Not just teddies either. Apparently snakey needed a pouch as well. Now he's "just like a joey".

This is very therapeutic. The more I write about positives the more the negatives seem irrelevant. But I like to keep it real. So lets just add a little list. Actually, I can sum it up like this. I haven't stopped. I never stop. From the moment I am woken up in the morning 'till the moment I am woken up the next morning, my day (and night) is full. But as you can see. Its full of fun and amazement as well as nappy changing, clothes washing, preparing food, feeding, vomit, tears, tense moments, exhaustion .........

But who wouldn't want to do it all again?


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