27 June 2009

the pink and blue debate

With the unavoidable influx of pink in our household that has resulted from the birth of our first girl, I am exploring the origins of the great pink and blue divide.

... it wasn't until the 1920s that Western parents began dressing their children in colors. Prior to this, children of both sexes generally wore white, and both boys and girls of a young age were outfitted in dresses. When the color assignments among boys and girls did evolve in the '20s, the colors were reversed: pink was for boys and blue for girls. It wasn't until around the 1940s that the colors flip-flopped to the assignment we recognize today ... (HowStuffWorks)

Whatever the reason, modern marketing doesn't help. I just hope our little one can cope with blue and trucks and dinosaurs. Because she is wearing hand-me-downs from her brothers regardless of the cultural or biological reasons for colour preferences!

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