06 July 2009

Diary of a Wombat

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Jackie French's wombat is a favourite character in our household. He sleeps with our 2 yr old at night and his story is read regularly by the adults and more recently by our learning-to-read 4 yr old.

Today (while bub was being very unsettled - what was I thinking) 4 yr old and I decided to cut the story up and mix it up. Well - I decided. He was enthused.

So I laboriously cut out cardboard cards, wrote on all the words (not all the words from the story, just our selection) and then we had a great time putting it all together again. I'm glad he enjoyed it. Wasn't easy to do whilst holding bub and trying to get her to sleep .... Great activity for reading skills and learning days of the week.

Don't suppose you can see that so well. One day I will learn how to take better photographs.

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