02 January 2010

Feeding time at the zoo

I think baby led weaning was designed with my children in mind.

First child refused to eat off a spoon. Really refused. At some point we realised he loved cherry tomatoes so we would hide mushy stuff inside! Second time round we got a bit more relaxed and just handed over bits of whatever was going. So much easier. I remember relaxing in coffee shops as he sucked and gagged on bananas at 6 and 7 months. So as we embark on the journey for the third time round I feel like we know it all.

Its easy for me, we have no allergies in the family (touch wood) so I can relax a little about the slow introduction of risky foods. So sometimes I prepare her something special - she loves mushy rice. Other times I search through the boys' dinner for little morsels that she can manage. And the amazing thing is - I'm having fun. Honestly. I am really enjoying discovering her eating style. Because its stress free. Because it feels so natural.  

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