29 September 2009

We are all home-schoolers

Dear Neglected Blog

I have been overwhelmed by motherhood lately. Three children is a beautiful thing. But it can also be a frightening thing to face when everything isn't running smoothly. Lets face it. Life isn't smooth with infants in the house.
But the colds are getting better and the sun is shining this afternoon so my head is clearing (and the possibility of sleep tonight is promising). So here's what's been going through my head a lot lately.

Every parent should consider themselves a home-schooler.

I have been exploring lots of blogs for ideas to keep my little ones happy, busy and inspired by life. and as I delve deeper into many of my favourite sites I discover that they are often put together by home-schooling mums. Yet much of what they are doing is exactly what I do at home.
I believe a child's education begins at birth.
I believe a child's most important teachers are their parents.
I believe that school should not be relied on to cover everything!
So when our new preschool teacher this year seemed a little uninspiring compared to last year's gem, I panicked, then I stopped to think. What is important for our little man at preschool. A safe environment? Yes. A caring teacher? Yes. Social experiences outside the home? Yes. Social experiences without mum? Yes. Inspiring craft and play activities that require thought and creativity. Yes. And it was this last that had me worried. Then a dear friend suggested I look around the room and see what I am doing at home. And I realised he has it all. His early literacy, art, numeracy and other concepts are being fully explored at home. His social needs are being extended at school.
So I congratulate myself in switching off the tv and giving my children an inspiring home environment. And I appreciate the interactions that are occurring with friends at school. And just a little piece of me wishes that last year's teacher will come back.

Back to what I was trying to say - it is our responsibility as parents to educate our children. I still believe in a school education. But it is just one piece in the puzzle.


  1. well said Bonnie. Three cheers for all parents who recognize this and accept this responsibility.

    I too congratulate you (and wish that I could come back:)

  2. Thanks J. As a follow on to this thought I am launching my new blog "Teaching Pirates". Slowly. Check it out.