24 May 2010


Looking back, I have not visited this blog since Christmas time. I had a little combination of "overwhelmed by life with three kids" and "I have nothing of particular interest to offer the world so why on earth am I blogging". Well neither of these situations has changed. But I feel the need to write. So let this be my therapy if nothing else.

Whilst I have a few recent craft projects to share I know they would benefit from photos which I am yet to take so it will be a "watch this space" for craft at the moment. Hence the ramblings.

Everyone has been sick. Oh, not quite - overworked, superhero Dadda seems to have avoided the bug. Touch wood. The interesting thing is, being sick has forced us to slow down; slowing down has forced us to spend time just playing; just playing has forced us to spend more "quality" time with the kids. All this has made me feel more relaxed and in control. Also, that overwhelmedness that I mentioned earlier has subsided somewhat. I get caught up in this hyped up state of being where I feel the need to be always "doing" something. Its not just parenting. Its constant. I feel almost guilty if we are just hanging about. Heaven forbid I should be relaxing instead of taking the kids places, exploring this amazing place we live, getting jobs done, and so on.

So here's to standing still and enjoying just being.

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  1. I hear you Bonnie, how comforting to read what i often feel... guilt for not stepping out keeping kid's busy,or feeling like one must be visiting this lovely place every moment they get.. or staying in and putting house duties before taking time to play and enjoy the kid's .
    let's get a maid i say and enjoy family life more
    Wow i feel liberated already