01 June 2010

rice sack name game

I found this idea on another blog somewhere a few months ago. Apologies to the blogger, I cannot remember where I found it.
I have made one each for my little tribe. One rice sack for each letter of their name. Each set has a different fabric on the back so they can easily find their letters. Now they can practice putting their name together in the correct order.
The best bit is, we have been making up all sorts of great games with our new sacks. The latest game was a throwing one. You throw the sacks into a bucket or box. Then you collect all the sacks that went in and arrange them to make an interesting word. A great challenge for my 5 year old who is learning to read, for my 3 year old who is learning his letters and for little bubs who thought just enjoyed cheering and collecting the sacks and getting in the middle of the game. Priceless.

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